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About Us

The Story

Born from a casual conversation over a cocktail session one evening, two creatives dreamed up the idea of Enthology after agreeing on how uninspiring the current state of the ladies watch market was.

Frustrated with the lack of unique and high quality timepieces available for women and the huge chasm between the offerings in the men's market vs the women's market, the pair embarked on a project to create a collection of unique and inspiring high quality timepieces that challenge conventions for women's watches. Armed with a passion for watches, eye for design, and backgrounds in business and marketing, the pair worked directly with luxury manufacturers and in 2018, launched the Disorganised Symphony Collection.

At the lower end of the women’s watch market, you have a flood of uninspiring minimalist watches which are poorly made while at the higher end, we really didn't think that it was justifiable to pay so much for a luxury watch like Cartier or Audemar Piguet.

However in the men's market, there are much more interesting options in the in-between category where watches are well made, affordable, and had beautiful complications. We thought, why should these watches only be limited and sized only for men? Why should a women's choice of watches be limited to only simple conforming designs of inferior quality?

- Enthology Founders

Our Philosophy